What Security System Should I Have For My Apartment?

An apartment is a special case. Unlike a home that you own, an apartment will have certain limits on what you can do for security.

Let me first mention that you should consider additional security even if your apartment is equipped with a security system provided by the apartment owners.

A typical apartment provided system will have a keypad device just inside the entry door. If you read your lease, you will likely see that the apartment management has a right to enter your apartment in an emergency even if you are not home. And this requirement is legitimate. For example, assume there is a gas leak detected and they need to enter each apartment to check it out for leaks and to relight any appliances which still have the old pilots.

The apartment management has keys to your apartment and the entry codes for just such emergencies. If they enter, you are unlikely to know an entry was made since the security system would have been disabled while they are there. Wouldn’t you like to know if anyone enters and what they are doing while they are there? That is where your own additional security measures come in.  Don’t be lured into a false sense of security just because you have an apartment provided system.

Now what can you do? Well, external security cameras are obviously out. An apartment is not going to let you mount external cameras since some level of drilling and mounting system would be needed. But you can do plenty inside your apartment.

The first thing I would is to install the HomeSafe Wireless Security System. You can find it at http://securityturf.net/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=102

This system can be set to dial your cell or office phone to alert you if anyone enters your apartment.  You can then listen in to any sounds going on in the apartment.

The second thing I would is to install some surveillance cameras which could be accessed remotely via the Internet. You can find an example at http://securityturf.net/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_12&products_id=292

You can access these cameras remotely, even from your cell phone so you can observe what is happening in your apartment. The example camera above is a pan and tilt camera which can be moved about the room to observe an entire area.

You could even set up hidden cameras with DVR recorders to record anyone who enters the apartment. A variety of these can be found at http://securityturf.net/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=6.

Using various surveillance cameras and an alarm which calls you, any entry into your apartment can be checked to insure it is authorized.  You can alert the police if necessary. 

As you can see, there are quite a few options to insure your security even in an apartment. Please let us know if you have any questions on any of our suggestions.

Can I make my house break-in proof?

The real answer is you can make your house nearly break-in proof but it would be extremely expensive to do so.

Think about all the potential entry points into your house. At the very least, all the windows and doors are potential entry points. That includes the front door/windows but also the side, rear, patio, basement, garage and any other that a person could reach and easily break into. Don’t forget the second floor windows also, especially in the rear or side of your house. If well hidden or dark, a thief could easily place a folding ladder against the rear of your house to get to a second floor unprotected window and gain entry.

In order to make those potential entry points break-in proof you would need to do the following.

  1. Install steel bars over all glass in your house which would potentially provide entry.
  2. Replace all exterior wooden doors and door frames with steel doors and frames.
  3. Install highly secure dead bolts which go from the steel doors deep into the steel frame. They would also need pick guards covering the bolts so that you could not use a tool to wedge against the bold to force it back into the door.
  4. Some front doors have windows either in the door or along side the doors. These would need additional protection so that a thief could not break the window and reach the dead bolt release inside the house.

You would need to do a complete review of your house to determine what would need to be done to make it as break-in proof as possible.

You can see that all of these changes to a normal house would be very expensive and would be impractical in most cases. However, don’t forget that “break-in proof” is a pretty loose term. Given the right tools and incentive, a thief could still gain entry even after all your expenses to secure the house. So use some common sense in securing your house physically. Make sure all windows and doors are locked and secure. At the very least, do item 4 above to secure any doors with windows.

After the house is relatively secure, install a security system. The objective of a security system is not to prevent break-ins but to alert you or authorities and to scare away thieves. See our Web site and additional blog entries for options.

By the way, some cautionary information on dead bolts. Common door dead bolts generally fall into two types. Both require a key to release the dead bold from outside. On the inside, the release can be either a key (the same as outside) or a rotating throw lever which, when turned, releases the dead bolt. If you use the key type, be absolutely sure you never lock the deadbolt while inside and also remove the key. If you have a household emergency like a fire, you need to exit as quickly as possible. Looking for a key which is not in the door could cost you and your family your lives so be very careful.

Defend Yourself With A Stun Gun

What would you do if someone came up to your car and opened the driver side door, prepared to pull you out and steal your car? Would you be prepared to defend yourself against such a person? Stun guns are wonderful because they help people defend themselves when there is no other option. 

People need to be able to defend themselves because there are far too many people out there who would do you harm. There are vandals and car thieves. There are muggers and rapists. There are some people who just aren’t in touch with reality and may strike out at any time in a violent way. Everyone must be prepared.

Stun guns enable even the most defenseless people to defend themselves. Furthermore, not only do stun guns enable such people to defend themselves, but they can defend themselves extremely well because stun guns are very effective self defense weapons.

When stunned by a stun gun, the attacker can’t help but fall to the ground. Their entire body uses up all of its available energy when the high voltage shoots through their bodies at low amperage. This, coupled with a shock to the nervous system and a good dose of pain, incapacitates an attacker for up to several minutes. This kind of down time is vital for the person being attacked. Not only does it help them get away, but it can also help the police have time to catch the perpetrator.

Many people think that it is dangerous to have a stun gun because the attacker might take it away and use it on the person that they are attacking. But most stun guns have a safety mechanism that is built into it. This mechanism usually takes form in the wrist strap. The wrist strap is plugged into the stun gun and the stun gun will cease to work if the strap is pulled out of it.

Most people realize that they need to defend themselves and some of them go out and buy guns and bullets. However, guns are extremely dangerous as well as lethal. There are many innocent people who die every year from accidents with guns. But with a stun gun, if there is an accidental “misfire” and you stun yourself, you will only wake up a little groggy.

Stun guns are fairly priced and you can find them a number of places. The primary places that you would find them are gun stores or on the Internet. Occasionally you can find them in sporting good stores, but not always. If you are looking for the best deal on stun guns the best place to look is online at our Web store of course!

Mace Pepper Gel – A Great Self Defense Item!

Those folks at Mace have really outdone themselves this time! They have combined the painful and agonizing hot pepper liquid of a pepper spray with a gel-like substance, that when sprayed into the face of some assailant who thought he might rob you, or worse, he will have this stuff stick to his face like glue! You will certainly ruin his day, and although it still does not cause any long term harm or damage, he will have one heck of a time getting it off of his face, out of his eyes, and getting relief. Serves him right for trying to attack you, your spouse, or one of your other loved ones or friends.

A face full of Mace pepper gel is probably the worst thing to happen to an attacker, next to being shot by law enforcement. This stuff is not lethal, but it sure is no fun to deal with.

While he is coughing, choking, and crying, and his eyes feel like they have been doused with a combination of the hottest hot sauce and rubber cement, you or whomever was about to be attacked, can easily and quickly escape to safety. A guy cannot continue attacking, robbing, raping, mugging, or whatever he was doing, when he has a face full of this Mace Pepper Gel.

Wildfire Pepper Spray With An 18% Very Hot Pepper!

There are millions of people, all over America, who want to be safe, and feel safe, and have some “peace of mind.” While there are many people who own and carry firearms, there are millions who do not want to exercise their right to bear arms. However, they would like to have some sort of self-defense item, and pepper sprays are the ideal non-lethal, self-defense item.

For many years, our Pepper Shot Brand with the 10% solution of oleoresin capsicum did the trick, when it came to stopping criminals in their tracks. Then our customers wanted something hotter, so the Wildfire Brand was created with an 18% solution of that very hot pepper ingredient.

Both brands have been popular, and also huge sellers, and our sprays have a locking actuator wherein you use your thumb to slide the spray button, before you can depress the button, and fire the spray stream. This is a safety precaution.

Recently, some customers expressed an interest in a flip top actuator, so they are now available on our Pepper Shot Brand AND they are also available on our Wildfire Brand!

This Wildfire pepper spray causes pain, inflammation of the eyes, nose and upper respiratory system. Effects may last for up to 45 minutes. The Wildfire pepper spray is now available with a flip top actuator and in three sizes: 3/4 ounce, 2 ounce, and 4 ounce. All use the 18% solution of that very hot pepper ingredient.

Do Stun Guns Work?

Stun guns are normally an electroshock weapon which are able to temporarily disable a would be assailant or attacker using electric shock. There are some stun guns which, when used the user, will need to be close to their attacker in order for them to be effective and there are others which can be used from a distance. However, when ever using a stun gun a person will need to make sure that it makes contact with the other person’s body.

Stun guns generate 5 to 8 milliamperes of electricity to the body. When you use a stun gun, it releases high voltage to the muscles scrambling the electrical pulses sent from the brain to other parts of the body. When these electrical impulses are disrupted, it results in the temporary shut down of our body’s electrical system. When there is temporary shut down of the body’s electrical system, it is temporarily paralyzed due to the disruption of the brain’s electrical signals. This period causes confusion, giving you the opportunity to run away and to find help. Do not be afraid to use the device because it is not made to kill someone but to temporarily disable them.

Even though stun guns have obtained significant media attention, many still want to know, “do stun guns work?” For the most part, a stun gun is a highly effective personal safety tool that can be carried in almost any part of the country. Right now, nine states prohibit the ownership of stun guns, as do some individual cities and counties. Be sure to check your city and state before attempting to purchase a stun gun. For those who have the legal option of carrying a stun gun, this compact yet powerful weapon provides an effective means of self defense in an easily concealable package. Understanding how stun guns work can mean the difference between escape and jeopardy.

When looking to purchase a stun gun you will find that there are many different sizes of stun guns as well as many different voltages that you can choose from. But generally the higher the voltage on it the quicker the full effect of the device will be felt by the would be assailant. Although lower voltage models are just as effective as the higher voltage ones they just take a few seconds longer for them to provide the full effect on the would be assailant. So if you are looking for something that really is effective and will work quickly for you then look at purchasing one which has a higher voltage to it.

Do stun guns work against all perpetrators?  Stun guns will provide an effective, disabling blow to almost any attacker. Keep in mind, though, that nothing is entirely foolproof. Certain people may not be affected by the shock that the stun gun delivers, although this is extremely rare. Those who may not experience the full effects of a stun gun include the mentally ill, or those who are under a heavy influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.

With the rising criminality rates nowadays, some of us consider in purchasing portable self-defense tools like tasers, pepper sprays and stun guns. These tools are not only convenient to use but they are also handy and can be kept inside our pockets and bags everywhere we go. Criminals and perpetrators are not choosy on who they like to victimize. More so, they are only lurking behind the dark corners of the streets waiting for the right victim to pass by.

Most attackers and perpetrators are repelled by merely seeing this device because they know how it hurts if they are stung with it. Majority of them go away by merely hearing the cracking sound and seeing the electrodes sparking in a stun gun.  There is no way that the shock will transfer to you if your attacker is touching you.

It’s best to learn how stun guns work before you get one. If you want to buy one then you must know how to use it properly. When you know how to operate it safely and effectively you’ll feel more confident using it.

Why Should I Buy And Carry A Stun Gun?

This answer is deceptively simple.

Because it’s the right thing to do.

Your first priority is to know how to protect yourself, and your second priority is to teach that skill to every member of your family. You don’t have to be a gym gorilla or an NFL lineman to do the job.

The key to self defense is to walk softly and carry a powerful tool.

It’s just like poker in a way. You never, ever, want to show your hand unless it’s absolutely necessary.

If you were carrying a mini stun stun gun, like The Hot Shot Stun Gun, you can take down a big assailant in seconds, probably before he even realized what hit him. You see, you can hide, or palm, one of these tools in your hand, and no one would even notice.

You can wear them on your belt, and everyone will assume it’s a pager, or phone. I’ve been wearing The Runt since it came in the door, and no one has ever asked me what it was because they have already made an assumption about what it is. That’s a big advantage in a bad situation.

Personal protection is important, and if you have kids going off to college they need tools badly. Each and every year kids disappear days after starting college. If those kids had been taught to carry and use simple tools they would still be here today.

How many parents will send their kids off into the world this fall without a clue as to how to defend themselves?

Somebody once said you can never be too rich or too thin.

I say you can never have too many personal protection tools.

If you’re prepared, you won’t be surprised.

Why Women Should Carry Stun Guns

Stun guns are widely carried self-defense products that are popular with women who wish to have some protection from attackers. There are many small self-defense products on the market that can be used on an assailant, but one of the most disabling to a potential attacker is the stun gun. Just a few seconds of contact with a stun gun can leave an assailant unable to stand or move.

Stun guns require no special training to learn to use them properly. They are less expensive than guns and are a more aggressive type of personal protection device than pepper spray. Stun guns are usually small enough to carry in a purse, and some are small enough to tuck into a pocket.

There are many stun guns that work with a wrist strap. This safety device means that the stun gun can’t be used if it is pulled away from the owner’s wrist. This enables a person to carry it without worrying about it being used against them by an attacker.

While some women find it daunting to pull the trigger on a gun, pushing the button on a stun gun doesn’t result in a kickback from the weapon. It’s also less damaging to an assailant, resulting in a non-lethal shock that is usually not permanently harmful.

It only takes coming into contact with the voltage of a stun gun for two seconds before a reaction is caused in the attacker. It can be used on any part of the body and cause the same effect, unlike pepper spray, which must be aimed directly in the face.

Some women use their stun gun as a defense weapon from farther away by pressing the button and letting a potential attacker see the sparks of electricity flow between the contacts. This can help a woman to avoid an unnecessary confrontation without having to actually use the device on the assailant.

With the many types of stun guns on the market, women can choose tiny models that will fit into a clutch purse or larger ones that will deliver more power. Some young women take them to college to prevent dangerous incidents from occurring on campus. They are light enough to be tucked into a backpack or carried on top of a stack of books.

Many women who carry stun guns feel safer about working late at the office or about a commute that can be unpredictable. Having a small weapon to use gives some women peace of mind when they are feeling nervous about their surroundings.

Another reason that many women prefer to use stun guns over using a handgun is that the effects of a stun gun are non-lethal, making them safer to keep in the home. If a family member were to get a hold of a stun gun and use it accidentally, the device would not result in permanent injury or worse. After a few minutes, the person would simply recover from the jolt.

A History Of Pepper Spray

Even though using pepper spray didn’t start to be popular as a self defense product until the 1980′s, history discloses that red chili pepper was in use for personal protection in ancient India and China.

There are quite a few historical documents showing it’s use in China thousands of years ago. Chinese people and even warriors had a innovative technique of making use of this spice; and it included wrapping grounded cayenne in rice papers making it easy to throw in the faces of people and break.

It was favored as a weapon of choice for self defense because it would incapacitate a person momentarily. The secret martial art society in ancient Japan called the Ninjas has been using grounded pepper for disabling their adversaries for hundreds of years.

Historical data reveals that in the Tokagawa Empire era in Japan, starting in the early 1600′s, the police used a weapon called the Metsubishi. It was a Japanese weapon created to blind an enemy, used by ninja and law officers who might prefer to take someone alive, the Metsubishi was a little square or round box that was hollow and could be opened and loaded with different powders from pepper to ground glass depending on what they were trying to accomplish. A mouthpiece was then installed to the box and a short tube to make it easy for the powders to be blown into the face of the target. It was a very small and easily concealed weapon.

Stun Gun Styles and Designs

Stun guns were once made with just one general design. The devices were made in a rectangular or square shape that was black or gray in appearance. These devices worked well, but many of today’s stun gun buyers want more in the designs of their stun guns. That’s where all of the newest shapes and designs come in.

Many people want to carry a stun gun but are worried that being seen with an obvious stun gun may cause them some problems with neighbors, co-workers or passersby. This possibility has led to the design of stun guns that look like something else. Some of these designs include stun guns that resemble cell phones. This allows someone to carry what looks like a cell phone, keeping the people around them from realizing that they have a weapon with them.

Other disguised stun guns are made to look like flashlights. They may have a light on them as well as having stun contacts in the front of the light area. This allows the users to carry a flashlight in the dark and then to use that flashlight to protect themselves with it as a stun gun if necessary.

Some people prefer a stun gun that is more obviously a stun gun. This allows them to show a potential attacker that they have a stun gun. If the design is unmistakable as a weapon, this may help to deter an attack before it happens. The idea behind this is to show the stun gun to the attacker by holding it in front of them and perhaps discharging it for a second to stop them before they get too close. These stun guns are usually large and black or gray in color.

For some women, they want their stun guns to show off their personal style just like any of their other belongings. There are pink stun guns on the market as well as other feminine colors and designs that can do just that. This may make some women more comfortable with carrying a stun gun and perhaps to become less intimidated with holding and using it.

Some stun guns are made in shapes that are easier to hold or in shapes that are easier to keep in a pocket or a purse. A longer, thinner stun gun can be slipped into a pocket and then retrieved easily if there is any trouble. Some larger stun guns have large cases that make it easier to pack them into bags or to carry them while keeping them covered. This can be an important option when the stun gun is being carried into a public place.

Stun guns come in so many shapes and sizes that there is one for every self-defense need. The main consideration is often the circumstances in which it will be carried. Some people need a stun gun to warn away others simply with its appearance. Others need one that can be well disguised so that they can carry it freely where ever they need to go.